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Home Inspection Phoenix AZ: Termite Infestation – How It Can Lower Your Home Value and the Steps You Can Take To Prevent It

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, over 600,000 homes experience termite infestation every year. If you think you are fighting this battle alone, there are still about 599,999 homes out there with the same ordeal. Aside from the negative impacts, it has on the structural integrity of your home, termite infestation costs homeowners billions…

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Trusted Phoenix, AZ Home Inspection Company Announces Newly Launched Website

Phoenix AZ – Home inspection company from Phoenix, AZ, First Class Home Inspection, announces the launch of its newly and beautifully crafted website with a user-friendly interface that features online scheduling down to insightful video content all for their clients’ best interest. Learn more about the services they offer at https://firstclasshomeinspection.com/ First Class Home Inspection,…