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Want to relocate to a place that offers great yet affordable housing? Glendale, AZ is the place to be. Located in Maricopa County and about nine miles northwest from Downtown Phoenix is a city that houses about 250,702 residents, two major sport venues, and more than 70 antique and specialty shops, making it the antique capital of Arizona. The increase in number of residential and commercial units also paved the way for First Class Home Inspections to conduct more comprehensive home inspections in Glendale, AZ over the years. Schedule your Home Inspection Phoenix AZ today!

In terms of weather conditions, summers are extremely dry and winters are cool while mostly clear all year round. The changing seasons in Glendale tend to create good grounds for moisture buildup, air pollution, termite infestation, and other health and safety issues that could affect your home and your family’s health.

First Class Home Inspections guarantees that only the best home inspection in Glendale AZ is conducted to help buyers and sellers alike make informed decisions about their property. Schedule your Home Inspection Phoenix AZ today!

These home inspection services in Glendale AZ are as follows:

  • Buyer Inspections because every homeowner deserves their dream house, our Buyer Inspections provide you with comprehensive, thorough, and jargon-free reports following the 2 to 4-hour home inspection. We don’t want you to get stuck on unpleasant surprises upon moving in.
  • Pre-listing (Seller) Inspections – our Pre-listing Inspection will help you see what needs fixing, repair, or replacement before listing your property on the market. You wouldn’t want would-be buyers to start touring around your home and discover issues that will make them stay away from the deal.
  • 1- Year Builder Warranty – we only want you to think about this “Why worry when your builder is still responsible for construction issues?” Unfortunately, most construction issues go unnoticed until 3-5 years. Our 1-Year Builder’s Warranty Inspection will help you see your home through the trained eyes of a neutral third party. Don’t let time run out. Call for an inspection before your warranty expires.
  • New Construction – we all want perfect homes. Unfortunately, they don’t exist and our New Construction Inspection will help prove that. But don’t fret, we help homeowners feel confident in their homes so don’t panic because we’ll guide you on what you need to know about your home.
  • Termite Inspection – termites can be pretty sneaky. One day you find perfect wooden door frames. Next thing you know it’s all gone soft, hollow, and destroyed. Structural damages aside, termite infestations can also chew their way through your pockets. We don’t want you to suffer in silence.
  • Pool and Spa Inspection – A good knowledge of the pool’s condition is essential for both buyers and sellers. Our full pool inspection helped save our clients a lot of money from repairs. We offer periodic pool and spa inspections to evaluate the effects of wear and tear, weather conditions, and other factors that may have on the pool. The evaluation covers the pool’s basin, decking, electrics, plumbing, filter, drainage, water features, and any automation you have set up.

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