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Peoria is a city located in both Maricopa and Yavapai counties in AZ with a population of 172,259 and is currently the sixth-largest city in Arizona in terms of land area and ninth in terms of population. Planning to retire or not, the city of Peoria is a great place to relocate if moving to the west is your goal. Schedule your Home Inspection Phoenix AZ today!

Peoria is home to Lake Pleasant Regional Park, dubbed as a true oasis in the desert.  Aside from the wonders of nature, you’ll find some of the best neighborhoods and great amenities in Peoria – from shopping to schools and parks. This is why here at First Class Home Inspections, LLC, we offer a variety of inspection services in Peoria, AZ to help protect your most prized investment. 

We spend 2 to 4 hours of thorough inspection so clients get the real knowledge they deserve about the property they are looking at. Since 2015 of providing quality home inspection in Peoria, AZ, we wanted to be more than just an inspection company. We don’t rush and we clearly don’t just walk around the house just to get to the next one. We understand how crucial a home inspection is to ensure that you get the peace of mind you truly deserve. Schedule your Home Inspection Phoenix AZ today!

The following quality services are what you can expect here at First Class Home Inspections:

  • Buyer Inspections – Have your home thoroughly inspected before closing the deal. If you neglect this, you might end up with unpleasant surprises once you move in. We want you to feel good and confident about your purchase. Wise home buyers opt for a home inspection so better have yours now too!
  • Pre-listing Inspection – Also known as Seller’s Inspection, this service is specifically designed for home sellers before listing their properties in the market. Because potential homebuyers choose to conduct a home inspection before closing the deal, sellers should have the same due diligence. This will help you see your home through the eyes of a neutral third party and assist in a smooth and quick sale process.  
  • 1- Year Builder’s Warranty – Most major construction flaws can go unnoticed until 3-5 years. Correcting these unwanted damages or issues can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Our 1-year builder’s warranty inspection will help you have a comprehensive knowledge of the current conditions of your home all while your builder is still responsible for any damages. 
  • New Construction – Most people are unaware that even newly built homes are not exempt from construction flaws. So even if you think there’s nothing wrong with brand new homes, our licensed home inspectors will see what others cannot. We want you to get the best out of your purchase. 
  • Termite Inspection – Termites exist in drylands too! Houses in Arizona are either those that have termites or those that will have termites. But fret not, we offer first-class termite inspection that will surely keep your house from unwanted infestation. 
  • Pool and Spa Inspection – when we say Home Inspection Peoria, AZ, we mean all parts of the home including the pool and spa! Knowing the functional state of the pool equipment and plumbing is important before deciding to move in. 

True to our name, we are proud to say that our services in First Class Home Inspections are top-notch and one where you can be confident about. Here at First Class Home Inspections, we guarantee an in-depth and comprehensive report to give you and your family the peace of mind you highly deserve. Schedule your Home Inspection Phoenix AZ today!


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